Why use composite plastics?
Cost-effective Tooling.
Low Thermal Conductivity.
Corrosion Resistance.
Parts Consolidation.
Fire Retardant.
Structural Qualities.
The Benefits of Composite Plastics [click here]
Design engineers in every facet of industry are rediscovering the advantages of composite plastics from Glasgo Plastics. Glasgo combines superb design flexibility with competitive tooling, finishing and mold costs to deliver high-quality, price-conscious alternatives to your expensive metal parts.
Glasgo has been a pioneer in composite plastics since opening its facilities in 1967, serving businesses in a wide array of industries. Specializing in complex shapes and designs, Glasgo can handle a range of job requirements -- from ornate and intricate renderings to structures as large as 40 feet tall -- and run sizes from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production.

Glasgo offers both thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems with pigmentation, chemical resistance, flame-retardant properties, finish enhancement and weather-resistant options.

Regardless of the complexity of your component, Glasgo can offer a composite solution that provides a high-strength, low-weight alternative to metals with cost savings any buyer of metal parts will appreciate.

Send us blueprints or metal parts for evaluation. We'll show you a composite alternative that will improve your performance and your bottom line!
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